I relax by doing art. I love smish-smashing found objects, fabric, things random and collected and combining them into new communities, dresses, sculptures and lights! You can see full size versions of the photos below by clicking on them!


This light is made from an umbrella with things found in my kitchen. (My husband is constantly asking “where is that pizza cutter?”) For some years, it hung over a table at one of the houses for the homeless kids and when we ate dinner and someone said something that the kids liked, they would reach up and shake the light. (It makes a shimmering wind chime sound).

Angel Light

Here is a moving light with angels. As the angels spin around to the sound of the Rolling Stone’s Sweet Black Angel, it emits bubbles. One of the angels wears a necklace made of birth control pills, another dangles an angel food cookie in a tea drainer.

Dryer Vent Light

A light made out of a dryer vent, rebar, erasers, a basketball and a few other things.

Ode to Housework

Glove Lights

I used to make frozen sculptures with the homeless kids from latex gloves stuffed with happy things and then frozen with water. These lights over our dining room table are made with resin.

Magical Boxes

These are necklaces hung inside of cigar boxes and a drawer.


I love pockets which I move from dress to dress attached by magnets. These are some of them, many of them made from my father’s neckties.