Every 10 seconds a girl is cut – 6,000 every day.

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is “The most sexist crime on the planet,” French lawyer Linda Weil-Curiel states. “The clitoris is the only organ dedicated to sexual pleasure and only a woman has it. Grown just for her pleasure, it’s cut from her body.” “Women who have been cut are forever altered,” says Machie, a 46-year-old woman from Nigeria who was mutilated at three months of age. “They took away who I was. I felt like I was here, but I’m not existing... I was someone here by mistake.”

FGM Restoration Fundraiser & Book Signing Party!

The money raised will go to The Clitoris Restoration and Fistula Repair Fund, a charity founded by Dr. Tobe Levin von Gleichen. It costs about $4,000 for one surgery to repair the effects of FGM and we are going to raise money to restore one or more women to their birth anatomy!

September 9th starting at 4:30

At our friends’ Elena and Mark’s beautiful home in San Geronimo, California
Enjoy Cocktails, dinner, and dancing to a live band!

Dr. Pierre Foldes - featured in the video below - has developed a technique in France to repair the effects of FGM. When women who have been the recipients this surgery take back control of their body they are often filled with unsuppressed joy, moving from feeling absolutely powerless, a victim of traditions that go back for millenniums, to triumph; they are finally in charge of their lives again.

Going through this repairing gave me the full force I have today. I got back what had been missing. I have another life.
— Machie was restored by Dr. Foldes in 2007 and says the surgery gave her back her life.